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If not properly planned out, moving an office can be extremely challenging, and can have disastrous results if not handled properly. When we are here to help you, what’s the point of going through all that trouble?

Stuart Moving Services has over 37 years of experience providing packing and moving services for Florida. We specialize in corporate office relocations.

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We're Experts In Commercial Moving !

Commercial moves are very different from residential moves. They’re carried out on a much larger scale, and any delays could impact business operations. From small offices to large corporations, commercial moves include businesses of a wide range of sizes, that’s why Stuart Moving works quickly and efficiently to ensure your total satisfaction.

A few key factors unique to commercial moving

How It Works


Just like Residential we’ll come to you, assess what needs to be done and how and then come to you with a drafted report plan. We also provide virtual estimates.


Once the plan is approved, we’ll execute it by sending in a team to move your items. If you are moving externally, we’ll send in the most optimal vehicle for the job. Then, pack up the items and secure them in the truck.


After securing your items, we’ll begin transporting them to whatever service you wanted either at the destination provided or to our storage facility for safekeep.

Need Storage?

Stuart also offers storage services for clients that can’t drop off their items yet. We have multiple options for this service, come check our storage page!

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Since 1968, we’ve been providing professional commercial moving services. We make sure to properly move your office items to where ever you ask for them. We have the transport and skill necessary to safely move your items. When you’re relocating or in need of help, we’re your muscle, so call us!

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